OK to all of you just dying to hear about what I’m doing at college, here’s a news bullitin for you…

Block and Bridle: Little American Royal

My newest project is a horse named Seeker. She’s a dark chestnut, or brown, and very sweet. I’m going to take care of her all week and then show her at a livestock show this Saturday (Little American Royal). My duties include bathing, grooming, mucking out the stall, and working with her on a lead. The show is on halter and lead only (no riding), and judging will be based on cleanliness, health of the animal, and showmanship. I decided to be in the novice division because I’ve never shown before, but it all seems to be pretty basic, so I have a chance at doing pretty well. I share Seeker with my friend, Angela, and today Angela mucked the stall, and I groomed and lead Seeker. Seeker is great! Some of the other people are having a hard time with controling their horse on a lead, most can’t get them to trot. Seeker did everything I asked her to do. I led her in wide circles, figure eights, and little circles. She moves from walk to trot and back again very smoothly. I even had her back up for quite a while, and she never balked. I’m not sure what we will be asked to do with the horse for the show, but I’m pretty confident it won’t be hard for me and Seeker. I’ll keep you updated through the week!