Day in the Life


I volunteer at Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, where disabled children and adults ride horses as a form of emotional and physical therapy. In the past month or so, I’ve grown especially attached to a sweet, old horse, Thunder. I got to the class on Thursday and looked for him in his usual place beside the arena. The class’s teacher told me Thunder had died that week.

He was 28 years old, and was appaloosa, although his spots had faded away completely. He was so willing and dedicated. I hope someone was with him when he died to tell him how much he was loved and appreciated. I wish I had known last week that it would be my last time to see him. I would have told him what a huge impression he had made on me in such a short time.

I’m happy for him, I know he’s at the Rainbow Bridge, with his spots back, and his body well. He’s probably having a wonderful time as he waits for one of his many human friends to meet him at the Bridge. I just hope he remembers me when I get there someday!


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