October 30, 1999

I can’t believe I haven’t put anything up on this site about the BIG thing that has just been so awesome here at MU!   I guess I’ll just go ahead and tell the whole story.

The first week of school, I didn’t know where I was going to go to church on Sunday morning, or how I would get there.   So when I saw posters up about a non-denominational service Sunday ON CAMPUS, I decided to go to that.  The service was OK, but afterward, there was a brunch in our academic hall  (Jesse), and a bunch of different Christian groups on campus had booths set up to give out information.

I decided to try to find a puppet team (I can’t live without puppets!).  I went around to each booth, asking what sort of Children’s Ministries each group had.  I had been to all the booths, except two, and none had a puppet team.  So I went to the last two booths.  The first didn’t have a puppet team, and I was tempted to just leave.

But the people at the last table, the Campus Lutheran Church, noticed me, and started talking to me.  So I asked about their Children’s Ministries.  They mentioned several things, like Children’s Church and Sunday School.  Then they said, “We are trying to start a Puppet Team, but we don’t know anyone with any experience with puppets.”  I thanked God then and there for giving me this opportunity.  I told them I had six years of puppet experience, and was interested in helping start their team.

It turns out, they have six puppets and a three level PVC stage.  They had all the materials, they just needed someone to organize and teach people how to use the stuff.  It’s been a slow start, but this Sunday (October 31), me and a few other college students are going to do a demonstration for the youth group to get some Junior and Senior High kids interested in doing puppets.

I’m so excited I can barely sit still whenever I think about it.  Isn’t God so AWESOME?  He gave me exactly what I needed!  And He gave that group exactly what they needed.  I’m praying that He will get the youth excited about puppets, I know He will.  I’m also hoping I can get this new team to the One Way Street Puppet Festival at my home church in St. Louis.  It’s in May, so we have time to prepare, maybe we can even compete.  But first I want to get this team out into the Columbia community.  I’ve never been in charge of finding places to minister with puppets, so it will be a new experience for me.  But God has done so much so far, I know He won’t leave me in the dark.

It’s so obvious that He arranged this whole thing.  Most of you know I went to Jamaica two years ago, right?  It was a totally life changing experience for me.  Well, get this…Campus Lutheran has been planning to go to Jamaica this summer for a mission trip!  They hadn’t planned on taking puppets, but after telling them about the ministry my team did with the puppets, they’re really thinking about taking puppets.

Yikes!  I’m so excited!  My trip to Jamaica was SO AWESOME!  I can’t wait to go back!  I still correspond with some people in Jamaica, and my heart for that country just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So that’s what’s going on with puppets in my life.  If you could pray for me and the CLC team, I’d really appreciate it.