Four years ago, I was a Freshman on campus at CVPA who knew about 5 people total, and didn’t know why I was there.

I started asking if anyone had planned to participate in SYATP, no one had heard of it, so I gathered my 5 people together (some Christian, some not) and we prayed on the front porch of the school. Others joined us until 10 people stood on the porch in prayer.

From that our “Prayer Group” was born. We met every morning before school in a counselor’s office to pray for each other and our school. By the end of the year, we had gotten information to start an FCA.

Today, the FCA averages 15-20 people on each of the two lunch shifts. About 35 people total.

Now I know why I was at that little magnet school. I was there to start something for God. I have since graduated from CVPA, but I know that what God started through me will continue for years to come.

My message to CVPA/FCA: Philippians 1:2-11.