Well, this is my last week of class.  Finals start on Monday.  I’M so glad to get this semester behind me.  Lots of people have been asking me about my summer plans.  First, Chris graduates on May 18.  Send him a graduation card!  (beachc@missouri.edu)  He will begin working full-time at Lanit Consulting after graduation.

My plans are to take some summer classes and maybe get a part-time job.  Yes.  I am staying in Columbia.  I want to lighten my class load for next year, so I can put more energy into my ministries.

About my classes…  Some of you may be aware, and some may not.  I am changing my major.  It will now be Interdisciplinary.  That means I will have 2-3 emphasis areas, instead of a single major.  My emphasis areas will be Animal Science, English and/or Spanish.

My church, The Rock, always participates in the summer Leadership Training program.  This year it is in Colorado.  I did not feel God calling me to go, but I did like the idea of a summer with a purpose.  So, my small group came up with the idea of a Columbia LT.  The idea is to bind the believers together in intense fellowship, ministry, and studying the Word.  The details are still being worked out.

Umm, I guess That’s about all for now.  Chau!