Well, summer has begun.  At least according to the school calendar.  Apparently nobody told the weather.

Nonetheless, here I am.  In Columbia with no school.  And nothing to do.  I’ve done some much-needed cleaning, and Chris and I have been able to spend time together with neither of us buried in books.  We actually took a nice walk in Cosmo Park yesterday.  Today we searched the Internet for recipes.  Now that the dining halls are closed we have to make our own food all the time.  Or run our wallets dry at Taco Bell :-).  
Anyway, I just got pictures back from Walmart today.  I paid the extra $.97 to have them put on the Walmart website, so I don’t even have to scan them.  So come back soon and you will be able to see pictures from April and May, including Chris’s graduation.

Feel free to write me anytime.  I am no longer blocking any domains on my email, so I should get everyone’s emails.  Well, that’s it for now.  Chau!