Oreo went on the the Rainbow Bridge on August 29, 2002.

We knew she was getting tired, so I went home on Tuesday after class and spent the night right beside her before returning for class on Wednesday.  I really felt like I could not make a decision to have her put to sleep because she just didn’t seem ready to go.  So we waited and supported her as she persisted.

Wednesday night she seemed to relax a little more, and we feel that she finally accepted what was happening to her.  Thursday morning, after my mom had spent almost all night with her, while everyone was showering and getting ready for work and school, she left quietly – as we knew she would.

I want to thank my family for supporting my decision to let her go naturally – even though it was difficult for them.  Sometimes what is best is not always easiest.  For Oreo, a natural death was most dignified because it was on her own terms in her own time.