Day in the Life

September 1, 2002


Just in case anyone is interested in what classes I’m taking this semester:

  • History of the English Language – Historical changes in the grammar and pronunciation of the English language from Old English to  the present. Introduction to Indo-European origins of English.
  • Principles of Teaching a Second Language – Linguistic and pedagogical  principles of teaching English to speakers of other languages.
  • Intermediate Spanish Composition and Conversation
  • Judaism – A comprehensive introduction to Judaism: an overview of  Jewish philosophy and theology, rituals and customs.
  • Major World Religions – Explores the differing ways in which Asian and Western religions interpret life and reality. Includes study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
  • Global Animal Agriculture – Animal Agriculture as influenced globally by political,  religious cultural, economic and climatic factors.

P.S.  I need a roommate, preferably by October 1 (so I don’t have to pay double rent).  Know anyone???  EMAIL ME


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