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Tonight I got to watch a Christian be born!

Megan came to The Rock Kickoff after the Rock was over.  She and two other girls wandered into the after-Rock socialization time after attending the Memorial Union Casino Night.  I met them, and so did lots of other people who all invited them to Carissa’s birthday party.  They came, and Breck and I talked to them for quite a while.  I got their addresses & Megan’s phone number.  I lost the paper with the info but Breck apparently kept in touch (at least with Megan).   
This Saturday, I talked to Megan when she stopped by my LifeGroup (small Bible study/family group) table at the LifeGroup fair.  She came to LifeGroup on Monday  and seemed very interested.  Today after class I went to Meredith’s for dinner with the guys who beat us at CatchPhrase at the last LT dinner.  When I got home at 6:30, there was a message from John (my pastor) on the machine. He said Megan had checked that she wanted to talk about a relationship with God on her information card.  Since she was in my LifeGroup and Carrie (the leader) was out of town, he wanted me to join him when he talked to her.  They were meeting at 7.  So I hurried to get ready and headed to the Union for the meeting.

It was awesome!  Megan grew up Catholic, so she knew most of the info, but I got to watch as she put it all together for the first time.  Afterwards she told me she was glad I was there with her.  I got to sign her Spiritual Birth Certificate (which John makes for all new beleivers) as a witness!

We made it to TCL in time for the last song  and then we got to tell people all about it.  Megan told Brie it was her Spiritual Birthday, and Brie asked how old Megan said 鄭bout 20 minutes!  It was so exciting.  I can’t wait to tell Carrie.  I told everyone I could find.  God is so awesome!  I hope He will allow me the honor of discipling Megan.  Please pray for her as she begins her new life in Christ!  And definately thank God for a new sister in the family!

God Rocks!

P.S. I’m still looking for a ROOMMATE!