Happy New Year!  A little late, I know, but I’ve been busy!  This has been the most insane Christmas break ever.  I left on Thursday Dec. 19 to go visit Tim Pfeil while he was laid up in the hospital.  Then I stayed in St. Louis w/ my family for the weekend.  I proceeded to get sick, as is my tradition during Christmas.  So I was pretty much in bed that weekend.  
On Monday Dec. 23, my parents and my brother came w/ me to Columbia to pack up the things in my old apartment.  Kelly Coffey helped out and it was lots of fun.  Then my dad had to return to STL for work on Tuesday.  The plan was for the rest of us to head back to STL on Tues. afternoon for the Christmas Eve service @ church and the family gathering @ my uncle’s house.  BUT we got a white Christmas – just in time to ruin our chances for getting to STL.

So my mom, brother, and I made the best of it.  We went to Walmart and got some goodies, then settled into my half-packed apartment for a cozy  Christmas Eve.  That was after my mom was blessed by a guy at the Sprint store who gave her a phone charger free because she was stranded and her phone was about to die.

My dad joined us on Christmas day, and we did more moving.  We all went back to STL around midnight on Christmas day.  I had a bridal shower to go to on the 26th, then off to Louisville on the 27th.  Ignite was awesome!  I could write pages and pages, but I won’t.  You can ask me later if you’re interested.

So, I came back to Columbia on New Year’s eve.  My family showed up, and we did more packing.  Then we all went to my uncle’s house for the annual New Year’s eve party.  At 11:30, my mom brought me to the Drage’s so I could celebrate the beginning of the New Year with my Rock Family.  I don’t know how many people there were there, but it was awesome.

The next day, my family helped me move some more.  Then it snowed AGAIN and they were stranded, so we moved more the next day.  It seems all the moving took place in the snow.

So now I’m at my new place (the apartment above Drage’s) with my new roommate, Blair.  My room is piled to the ceiling with boxes, cuz I had to condense all the stuff from my 2-bedroom apartment into one room.  I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten much of a BREAK.  It’s been just crazy.  And at times in the last week I’ve gotten really depressed about how much stuff I have and how little room I have to put it in.  How my desk didn’t fit where I wanted it, and how I can’t unpack my pretty glass things and candles because I need the shelves for storage only.

But at some point I realized that all these annoying boxes were filled with my BLESSINGS.  When I first moved into my old apartment, I had nothing.  I had no dishes, no furniture… nothing.  But all of it was provided – usually for free – by caring people who wanted to help me out.  And at the time, every pot, pan, and lamp was a blessing to me.  So I have been reminding myself that these are my BLESSINGS.  I even labeled every box BLESSINGS, so I won’t forget and call it STUFF.

This weekend, my cousin, Juli got married.  She had a lovely wedding at the Columbia College chapel.  I caught her bouquet – which must have been some kind of fluke, but a very pretty fluke for my empty vases!

Since then, I’ve been busy trying to get my room in order.  While Blair was out of town the last two days,I moved all the boxes into the Living Room so I could organize.  Now my room actually resembles a room, but it needs some Trading Spaces-type help!  Anyone interested in helping?