Upcoming Concerts and Events:

The Go Show
February 27, 2003
St. Charles, MO
Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me

See Spot Rock Festival
April 4-5 2003
Bolivar, MO
Supertones, Relient K, Switchfoot, and others
Joy Fest
April 18 – 19, 2003
Six Flags, MO
Rebecca St. James, The Newsboys

Gospel Day
May 17, 2003
Six Flags, MO
Featuring Kirk Franklin

Soul Lift Festival
July 28, 2003
Six Flags, MO
Featuring Relient K


OneDay 2003
May 24-27, 2003
Sherman, TX
Passion Worship Band + awesome speakers and worship leaders

Cornerstone Festival 20th Birthday Bash
June 29-July 5, 2003
Bushnell, IL
currently 153 bands are scheduled