Thanks to the support of so many people, my Honduras team has raised all the finances needed for all 17 of us to go!  Thank YOU.  If you still want to help in some way, you can purchase supplies.  See my HONDURAS 2003 page for details.
There’s quite a bit of new stuff added to my website.  I could tell you to go find it, but that would be mean.  So I’ll tell you:

READING ROOM  Four new categories!  All About Modesty, Handy Hints, News Room, Thought Provokers.  The News Room is still under heavy construction.  Putting up my reading pages is intensive work, not as bad as photo pages, but still time consuming.  Please be patient.  There are also new articles in the Funny Pages, Relationships R Us, and Stuff That Will Change Your Perspective.

POLLS  New Beyond Balderdash quiz game.  I’ll probably have a new poll up soon.  It will be a fun vocabulary poll.

CHRISTIAN MUSIC PAGE  Find Christian bands that are similar to your mainstream favorites.  Check out the list of Online Radio Stations.  Lots of links on Praise and Worship as well as other Christian music.  (The links actually aren’t up on this page yet, so you ‘l have to copy and paste).  Eventually I might put my upcoming concert announcements on this page.