Tomorrow morning (at 6 am!!!) I’M headed to Sherman, TX for a worship conference called OneDay.  There are six of us from The Rock going  Boyd, Ingrid, Heidi, Kelly, Aaron, and me.  Please pray for a safe journey and that God does awesome things while we’re there.  Aaron is a very recent but passionate seeker of God, so we’re really praying that he finally finds God at the conference.  
I have new pictures up at Walmart.com.  They’re from April 12  May 8 and include pictures from the MNM camping trip and Barb’s Sending.  I hope you enjoy them.

Keep praying about the job I’M pursuing with the Missouri Baptist Convention.  I’M in the middle of working on my resume, and It’s just not coming together as easily as I imagined.

Also pray for my spiritual journey this summer.  I’M going through a study called The Twelve Steps: A Key to Living with ADD.  I’ve come to realize this year that my ADD is something that won’t just disappear and that I can’t always compensate well enough to be successful.  The first step of this study is to admit that I am powerless and that my life has become unmanageable.  And that is the truth!  I’M doing it along with my friend, Kelly, so pray for us both.

I highly recommend any of the Twelve Steps books  you don’t have to have an addiction to benefit from these!  There’s one for Christians that uses the Twelve Steps as a way to grow closer to God.

Also be praying for Columbia and Colorado LT.  These are leadership training programs that many people from my church are involved in  one in Estes Park, CO and the other here in Columbia, MO.  They both officially start on May 28.

Hmm, That’s it for now.  Have fun checking out all the links from today’s News!