I finally got my internet working again!  Hurray!  Anyway, I never got to write about my new   KITTEN in my News column, so here’s the scoop: he was born sometime in the middle of April.  I’m giving him the birthday of April 22.  I adopted him on June 5 from the Kotlarczyk family in St. Louis.  He’s black and white, and might be long-haired (it’s hard to tell yet).  I named him Mojo, after the lead singer of the Supertones.  He and Toby are getting along famously.  No jealousy or anything.  I’ll try to get pictures up soon, but since my camera and the film w/ all the pictures of him has disappeared, it might be awhile.  
Website news:  I guess you’ve noticed by now that I have drastically altered my index page.  It was just getting too crowded and messy.  Hopefully you can still find all the pages you’re looking for.  If you have any questions, email me.  I have also done a lot of work in the CHRISTIAN RESOURCES area, adding links to Bible study tools, talks, events, and more.  I’ve also redone my FRIENDS WEBSITES page.

Look for new SUMMER 2003 photos soon, I’ll be getting a roll of film back from Walmart tomorrow.