What a weekend!  On Friday, Moses and I rented Tribulation Force, the second Left Behind movie.  It was about the same quality as the first movie, but since I knew what to expect, I was able to enjoy it more.  We also rented Mr. Deeds, which I think is the best Adam Sandler movie. 

Then on Saturday, I went with 8 other Rock folks to Mudstock.  It’s a mud obstacle course that the Columbia Parks & Recreation created at Twin Lakes park.  They dug several giant pits and mounds of dirt and then the fire department hosed it down.  It was free, and kids came and got really muddy.  There was a rope swing, a commando crawl, and a mudslide.  I’ll get some photos up soon.  Saturday night was The Rock, and we had more visitors from out of town, including Kate, Brandon, Troy, and Barb.

On Sunday, 11 of us got up early and biked out to Rocheport and back on the MKT trail.  Aaron was kind enough to lend me his super cool bike, and I actually survived the 35-mile trek.  There were only a few cameras, so I’m not sure if I’ll get any pictures for the website.  Isn’t summer grand?

P.S.  I have redone my Bio page.  Hopefully it’ll more interesting now.  I’ve also added a page about my Spiritual Journey.