Friday, October 10, 2003
1:32:56 AM CDT
Feeling: Hopeful
Hearing: MercyMe: Almost There
Title: New Reading Room Section
I’ve added a whole new section to the Reading Room.  It’s about Health, Nutrition, & Exercise.  I think it is important not to be obessed with our appearance or physical strength, but it is equally important to take care of our body (since it is a gift from God, and ultimately belongs to Him).  It is easier to serve God cheerfully when your body is in good condition.

Right now my links include: “How to Meet Your Daily Nutrition Requirements,” “Jump Start Your Metabolism,” “Walking for Fitness,” and “Yoga.”

My health goals are: balanced nutrition, improved metabolism, energy, stable blood sugar, muscle tone, endurance, strength, less pain, less stress, better body awareness & perception (and with all honesty, I want to feel comfortable in my size 3s again).