Please be praying for our Christian brothers & sisters around the world this Christmas.  So many are forced to celebrate in secret, others struggle with poverty.  A few specifics:

Honduras – a recent massacre in Chamelecon resulted in 23 deaths, mostly women & children.  It was perpetrated by members of a revolutionary gang, who are trying to use terroristic methods for political change.  This sort of thing causes widespread fear and anxiety, especially since the note the gang members left promises that things will get worse.

Venezuela – Christians face more restrictions as the country’s communist president carries out his “reforms.”  Christians & non-christians alike have faced financial devestation, and a widespread loss of freedom.  The church survives on the financial support of Christians in other countries because the congregation is unable to support it.

Ukraine – recent political upheaval has left people in search of truth.  The church there is seeing greater numbers of seekers than ever before.  However, financial limitations prevent the churches from doing all they can to meet the needs of all who are searching.

Also pray for Christians (both military & civilian) in Iraq.  What Iraq needs more than democracy is Jesus.  Both American & Iraqi Christians can fill that need, but it is not an easy task, and it means forsaking everything.