It’s that time of year when high school seniors start thinking seriously about college.  My mom works with an abundance of them, and comes to me occaisionally for my opinon or my experiences that she can share with her students & friends.  I’ve started compiling some general advice for high school seniors and new college freshmen.  It’s mostly stuff that I wish I had known all those years ago (yeah, it’s been six years since I was a senior in high school).  But I’d like to get more thoughts from others who have been there too.  So email me with some advice – anything you think would be helpful for a high school senior or college freshman to know.  Topics might be:  choosing a major, choosing a school, picking classes, making friends, dorm living, making friends, studying, finals, writing papers & essays,  finding a job, handling money, staying healthy….whatever.  Feel free to pass this along to your friends too, the more info I get, the better.  I hope to develop a kind of “handbook” that my mom can give her young friends.  And just so you know, I’ll just put your first name, year & major (if you tell me).

To see some of the info I’ve collected so far: