I’m about to start whining, so be warned…

The flu sucks.  I’ve been feeling kind of blah for a few weeks now, but nothing really specific.  Then on Friday, I’m sitting at work and I’m noticing that my fingers ache, and my back hurts, and I’m shivering.  So when I get home, I get out a thermometer… 100.5  Ugh.  I never run a fever, and my normal temperature is pretty low.  So any kind of fever makes me feel like crap.

I decide to be responsible and take some medicine and rest all weekend.  I managed to make it to the Honduras meeting & the Rock on Saturday (hopefully I didn’t spread my germs).  But I was totally wiped out by that point.  I skipped work on Sunday, laid around some more, and tried to gear myself up to go to work on Monday. 

It’s been tough, but I’ve been to work every day so far this week.  Mornings are the worst.  I’m so dizzy and congested.  I haven’t been eating well because my throat is so sore, so my blood sugar is low.  I almost passed out in the shower yesterday.  Luckily I keep glucose tablets in the bathroom, so I just laid on the floor until it kicked in.  There is nothing quite so miserable as that.

Then this morning, I took all my meds on an empty stomach (not smart) and promptly threw it all up.  I managed to eat half a PBJ, but it’s sitting like a rock in my stomach now.  And my temperature (when I’m not on Tylenol) is still 100.5. 

I’m not sure why I’m bothering to mention this at all.  I just know that, living alone like I do, it can get pretty lonely when you’re sick.  Nobody knows when I’m sick, so I convince myself that nobody cares.  Not that I would want to have people around, I’ve been definately anti-social the last few days. 

But anyway, take your vitamin C & get a flu shot if you can.