Sunday February 20, 2005

I’m usually a pretty peace-loving, coexisting with nature type of person.  But, when it comes to my personal territory, there are several things that living creatures should not do:

1.  Eat my food

2.  Crawl on my body

3.  Leave their carcasses (or the carcasses of their prey) scattered about

4.  Eat me

When a creature crosses any of these lines, there is no mercy.  For that reason, any and all spiders in my personal living space must be erradicated.  I woke up on Friday morning with a red welt the size of a dime on my ankle.  It itched like the devil.  I cursed the spiders & hoped I had smashed the little blighter in my sleep after he bit me.

By the end of the day, the red welt had grown to the size of a quarter, and was flaming hot, and was encircled by a three-inch red area that was also hot, not to mention very swollen and painful.

I went to Kate & Ryan’s party, and then off to adventures with B Boss & Stanko (that’s a whole other entry if anyone is interested).  After the movie at Paul’s house was over, I stood up, and felt searing pain in my ankle.  It was more swollen & now stiff from being inactive while watching the movie.

When I got home around 4am, I decided to soak it in warm water to try to coax any of the venom or infection lurking under my skin to come out.  Looking back, this wasn’t the best course of action, but you have to remember that this was 4am after an 8 hour day at work and the following party, I was just acting on basic instincts at that point. 

In the morning (11:30am), it looked just as bad as it did the night before, and it now had a whitish spot in the center.  So I did the most sensible thing, and called my mom.  She, of course, got concerned and told me to go to the doctor.  Then she told me the doctor’s bill would be on her.  Alrighty then, off to University Urgent Care.  I spent about 3 hours there, 3 minutes of which were spent being examined by an actual doctor. 

His diagnosis:  a spider bite (“I bet that hurts” – no duh).  He said he couldn’t be sure, but it was probably a brown recluse.  Yuck, I know those can be ugly.  A kid my brother went to preschool with had to have a huge chunk of her shoulder removed after being bit by one.  I like my ankle, I’d like to keep it fully intact, thank you.

The doc gave me a script for antibiotics & told me to stay off of my feet & keep the leg elevated above my heart.  He told me to put ice on it to numb it and keep the swelling down.  And then he told me what to expect (and this is where those of you with squeamish tummies might want to stop reading). 

He said in a few days it should open up and ooze.  Then the center part (the quarter sized red part) may turn black.  And I might end up with a little scar.  Yummy.  Oozing and necrotic tissue.  Sounds like fun.  But he didn’t seem to think it was as serious as I first thought when he said “brown recluse”  Apparently people who have serious problems are those who react badly right away, or those who insist on not resting (apparently some guy went out and ran a marathon after his bite & the result wasn’t good).

So, I spent Saturday and Sunday with my foot in the air, packing on ice every so often & being utterly bored.  I’ve given up watching movies alone for Lent (which is my favorite way to waste a lot of time).  So no movies, and there’s nothing good on TV.  I read a lot (What’s so Amazing about Grace?).  And listened to music (thanks for the stereo FergMan).  And ate a lot (not so healthy).  But I didn’t break my committment.

Anyway, it’s looking much better now.  The pink swelling has all but disappeared, and the white spot oozed a little and then disappeared.  My biggest concern is that I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I’ll see how it feels and if it swells or gets uncomfortable, I’ll let my supervisor know what’s up.  I could have got a note from the doc to stay home, but I need the money (since I’m taking off a week for Honduras in about a month), and it doesn’t seem all that bad that I need to stay home.

Thanks so much to the crew that came over after the Rock.  You broke up my boredom & lightened up my mood.  And if ya’ll would keep praying that this will heal up real quick and not leave a really nasty scar, that would be great.  You might also want to pray for my patience, and that I will be dutiful to the doc’s instructions. 

Enough rambling.  I’m out like a light.


2 thoughts on “Sunday February 20, 2005”

  1. You need to have a talk with those guard cats of yours.  Is it not their highest duty to eat anything crawling about the place?  Anywya, take care of that ankle and keep out of trouble.  BTW, you seem to have discovered an ancient nickname of mine, but rest assured, it’ll be much more difficult for you to find all my other names.

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