I’ve been suffering from a non-functioning garbage disposal for a week now.  I’ve thought frequently about calling my landlord, but my sink was piled with dishes (I am so lazy about dishes), and I knew I’d need to get those out of the way in order for him to work on it.  So I did dishes today. 

And then after coming home from CG, I walked in my kitchen, and it reeked.  It reeked like old rotten food.  Well, duh, because I can’t run my garbage disposal, whatever goes down the drain just stays there.  That pushed me over the edge. 

So I do what I always do when confronted with a problem.  I went online.  And I googled something about broken garbage disposals.  A bunch of less than useful stuff turned up.  But then I noticed a good old friend of mine…. EHow.  If you have never visited the EHow website, then you are missing out.  It’s got instructions for how to do just about anything! 

Well, it happens to have a little article called “How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal.”  I did step one, “find out if the disposal has power.”  Hmm, the garbage disposal doesn’t seem to have power.  On to step 2.  “Look for a little red button on the bottom of the disposal.”  Aha!  There it is.  And it’s popped out.  That means the power overloaded and it tripped the overload switch (kind of like a hairdryer does occaisionally).  So I push the button.  Then I turn on the disposal, and voila!  It works.  I should have gone to EHow a week ago & saved myself the frustration all week. 

Moral of the story: when you have a problem, first pray.  Then check EHow.  If that doesn’t help, then google.