I’ve become really cynical of the whole dating thing.  I mean, I can’t really imagine going to dinner with some guy I barely know and having a good time.  Much less that it would ever lead to any kind of meaningful relationship. 

I guess being part of the Christian community for so long, I’ve really come to appreciate how relationships develop inside it.  I mean, you hang out with coed groups, and when a mutual liking starts to happen, you pair off within the group, spend some time together, and then voila, you’re a couple (OK, I know it’s not quite that simplistic, but that’s the basic idea). 

There really isn’t a lot of “cold asking” (as I like to call it) that goes on inside the Christian community.  You generally know the person pretty well, and everybody knows what’s going on even before the ask happens (unless you are purposefully being sneaky).  Anyway, should I at anytime be subjected to a “cold ask,” I would probably 1. fall on the floor, 2. feel really bad, 3. say no. 

Am I crazy?  Possibly.  Seriously, I am a hard egg to crack.  Is there any way to skip the whole dating thing and just get engaged?  Maybe I should have my parents arrange a marriage for me.  No, scratch that.  Maybe I should have my friends arrange a marriage for me.  Notice I didn’t say “set me up on a date.”  If you happen to come accross the future Mr. Stephanie Davis (ha ha, I wouldn’t do that to him), you’ll have to sneak him into my group of friends & then arrange a proposal (after a great deal of wooing – I am a big fan of being wooed – see my 2/24 entry for details).  Anyway, I better end my tirade.  Have a great day!

P.S.  If you happen to be my future husband and you’re reading this, you need to step it up.  It’s all about communication and wooing.  Bring it on.