As a response to Carsoap’s post….

I totally agree, I think people are too eager to throw around the L-word in their relationships.  When I renewed my relationship with a certain boy after a year apart, I begged him not to use the L-word for awhile.  We’d both hurt each other, and I wanted us to prove trustworthyness first.  But it was only a few weeks before he came out with the L-word, claiming he never wanted to be apart from me again.  And the relationship ended within a few months, and ulitmately he ended up moving out of state.  So much for the enduring quality of love these days….

On a completely different topic, I’ve done some maintenence on my webstite.  I added some stuff to various areas of the Reading Room and cleaned up the Reading Room menu. 

I also added some fun quiz results & updates to my “About Me” page.

I don’t have any new Honduras news up yet…. give me time.

And there was a cute Australian visiting the office today.  It’s a good thing he never spoke directly to me… I would have lost all ability to communicate.  Those dang accents!