OK, I got bored with all the regular surveys and stuff, so I decided to create a scavenger hunt kind of thing.  I want to see who has the most of the 100 items on my list.  Have fun, and be honest!


Rules:  You must have these items at your current residence.  You can not steal an item from someone else to claim it.  Feel free to describe the item if you can.


A rubber ducky

A Hawaiian shirt

Anything pertaining to Pokemon

A pogo stick, hula hoop, or skip-it

More than one movie starring Adam Sandler

Any type of exercise equipment

Incense or fragrant candles

The movie Titanic

A virtual pet

Anything from Bath and Body Works

Your own tool box

Anything from Avon

Anything that glows in the dark

A King James Bible

Cowboy boots

A Care Bear

Five or more fast food kids’ meal toys

A hockey stick

Something that doesn’t work

Easy cheese

A Dr. Suess book

A 365 day calendar

A picture of you the day you were born

Your first love letter

A gift from your grandma

A Beanie Baby (must be Ty)

Something from another country

A vinyl record

A t-shirt from a church event

Artwork from your elementary school years

A fish tank or bird cage

An 8-track tape

A video tape over 10 years old

A library book

A gift from your first girlfriend or boyfriend

Music from the 1980s

Something that has been repaired with duct tape

A bottle of bubbles

A picture of your parents’ wedding


Jeans with a hole in the knee

Something you sewed yourself

An unopened pack of gum

Something bought at a yard sale

An item from a Christian band

A picture of your best friend in a frame

Something you should throw away but never do

A picture of your favorite actor or actress

A musical instrument that you can not play

Something made of clay

An award you have earned

A map

A box of Girl Scout cookies

A Blockbuster card

Extra shoelaces

A sports ribbon or trophy

The Game of Life

A Matchbox car

Something that belonged to a great-grandparent

Some kind of book For Dummies

A Tupperware bowl

A glass animal

Something with your graduation year on it

A stuffed animal as old as you

An old school ID

A yo-yo

An empty Mountain Dew can   

Fresh flowers

A Smurf

A blank notebook

Something you bought in the last week

A VeggieTales item

A slinky


A non-baseball type hat

A shirt with a St. Louis sports team logo

Anything with a Mizzou logo

A GI Joe

Something written on a Post-It

A CD you haven’t listened to in a month

A scientific calculator

Something made of Legos

Shoes that you haven’t worn in a year

A shirt with a food stain on it

Bandaids with some design (not brown)

Something signed by a famous person

Jewelry with your name or initials on it

Something you stole from a sibling (or roommate)

A picture of someone you don’t like

Something with an Adidas logo

A devotion book that you have never finished

Your security blanket or stuffed animal

A winning bottle cap or fast food game piece

A scratch and sniff sticker

A foreign language dictionary


A letter addressed to you in the last week

A pocket-sized New Testament

A movie poster

Notes from a sermon in the last month