Soap Box for Today
I think you should have to have a license to reproduce….  there would be less youth crime if people had to go through some sort of application process in order to have kids.  I mean, there’s a test in order to get a driver’s license, or a gun license, you have to take tests and apply to go to college, there are background checks & drug tests in order for you to get a job.  You have to have a credit check to rent an apartment, buy a house or a car.  You even have to sign a contract when you buy a pet from the humane society stating that if at any time you cannot care for the pet, you will return it to the h.s. instead of turning it loose or giving it away.
But everyone has the right to have kids and screw them up.  Then society has to deal with the delinquent results.
The Great Shoe Hunt
I’ve found several styles of shoes that I really like and they all come in either brown or navy.  HOWEVER, I can’t find any of them in my size (3-4).  But this is just a minor setback.  I will find my shoes…. I will.
The shoes I’m investigating:  Pony “Street Soccer ’79,” Nike “SB Classic,” Puma “Roma Suede,” Puma “Liga Suede,” Adidas “Samba Classic,” Vans “Classic Old Skool,” Lakai “Kingston,” Lakai “Manchester,” Lakai “Clermont,” and DVS “Milan”
Website Updates
I’ve added a few things to “Relationships ‘R’ Us,”  “Sustainable Life,” and “Narnia”
(and of course this link won’t actually work)