I unexpectedly got the evening off of my 1st Bap job on Wednesday night, so I went on a mission:  to buy an 80s prom dress for the upcoming event.  So I trucked myself to Goodwill ready for a long search.  Less than an hour later, and having spent less than $15, I emerged with a dress, and shoes, AND a chemise that I can wear in May to my first Renaissance Faire ever (in May, in Wentzville).  Plus, I had taken my camera & got some pics of dresses for Val, since she couldn’t actually go with me.  And I found one that she really liked.  Mission: accomplished.

In other good news, my poison ivy is almost gone.  And Mojo is coming back to Columbia tomorrow.  Today is actually his birthday – Happy Birthday Baby!  Oh yeah, it’s also Earth Day today, so hug a tree & recycle something.  My cotton mesh shopping bags have already been shipped, so next time I’m asked “paper or plastic?”  I can just say “no thanks!”

I also purchased my supplies for Passover.  If anyone is interested in joining me either Saturday night or Sunday night for Seder, you are totally welcome.  Otherwise, it will just be me and Mojo chowin’ on the matzah and charoset.