My mood today is something like the weather – gloomy, windy, and a little chilly.  I don’t think the weather is the cause (although it probably contributes).  I had a kind of frustrating conversation today and it’s got me all out of sorts.  And my week for some reason has been more hectic than planned.  I’ve been trying to focus on the sunny spots of the week, but I seem to be sitting under clouds at the moment.  Which brought to mind this song by Relient K (which musically is too upbeat for my mood, but lyrically just right).  So I’m reading the Relient K lyrics while listening to Beethoven and gnawing on some celery….

“We were talking together
I said, “What’s up with this weather?”
Don’t know whether or not
How sad I just got
Was on my own volition
Or if I’m just missing the sun
And tomorrow I know
Will be rainy at best
And the forecast I know
Is that I’ll be depressed
But I’ll wait outside
Hoping that I’ll catch sight of the sun
Because on and off
The clouds have fought for control over the sky
And lately the weather has been so bi-polar
And consequently so have I”

– Relient K “High of 75”