I got an email from the college/young adult minister at my parents’ church today.  Apparently a girl who went to high school with me stopped by & talked with him and his wife earlier this week.  She had come with me to a Christian concert years ago, and had since started thinking more about God, so she decided to visit the church.  In talking with them, she decided she was ready to make a commitment to God.  So she gave her life to Jesus right then & there! 

It’s pretty awesome because that church has a pretty rockin’ ministry for 18-30 year olds (see the Gen24 website).  I think there’s about 50 people involved right now & they have small groups (like our Canvas Groups) on several campuses in STL.  So hopefully she’ll get involved & get started on her lifelong adventure w/ Jesus. 

I guess you never know what God’s got up His sleeve, huh?  I only vaguely remember taking her to a concert at my church, but apparently it made a big impression in her mind.  And honestly, I was just doing what came natural at the time….. I just wish it came so naturally now….