Woo hoo!  I decided today to attack my flab.  With the determination to  reclaim some of my gymnastics skilz by the end of summer, and a burst of frustrated energy from work, I came home & did 300 crunches.  The first 100 were in 2 minutes.  I guess even as unused as those muscles have been recently, they’re still there.  Good to know.  Of course, the leg lifts & push-ups were much less successful.  But I plan to work on that.  My flexibility was pretty bad too. 

My goal is to be able to land a handspring, and back walkover by the end of the summer.  I’d also like to trim down the flab on my thighs & tone up my abs & arms.  AND I want to build up my endurance so that the Rocheport run doesn’t kick my butt. 

My other summer goals are to finish memorizing James 1 & Philippians 4, and to take some guitar lessons from Trotter.  Hmmmm… anything else?  Oh yeah, $1000 in my savings account by August.  I also have a few projects to work on – a fountain for my cats & refinishing a set of shelves my grandpa made in high school.

Lofty goals, I know.  So I’m gonna need everyone’s help to keep me on track.