So after my crunch extravanganza on Monday (which was done more out of a desire to relieve stress than out of a pre-meditated work-out plan), I suffered.  I hadn’t really stretched before doing it, hadn’t eaten much all day, and pretty much went all out.  Not smart.  But it relieved my stress & worked off some pent-up energy from the last few weeks of crappy weather.  So yesterday I just came home from work & laid about until I drug my sorry self off to bed. 

Today, I decided to be wise about my workout.  I ate well all day, stretched out, and then did 20 reps of each type of crunch (upper abs, lower abs, & obliques).  For a grand total of 80 crunches.  That is within the realm of reasonable.  Then I put on some worship music & did some tae bo punches. 

And THEN I put on some old-school Supertones & skanked my little heart out.  Mojo (the cat) just sat & stared at me like I was a complete lunatic.  It’s been a long time since I did that & it was too much fun.  What’s really sad is that 99% of you are sitting there asking yourself “What the heck is skanking?!?!” 

Ahhhh, skanking….  It’s the dance that anyone, including – or maybe especially – white boys, can do.  Being a white girl, I don’t have exactly the same style as your typical white-boy skanker, but I do alright.  Unfortunately, I only do it at concerts & in front of my cats.  And since the last great Christian ska band is on their farewell tour… I may be forced to retire.  {sigh}

In other news, my cat, Toby finally got permission from his vet to come back to Columbia.  Mi familia will be coming on Sunday to bring him and celebrate Mother’s Day. 

If you didn’t realize that Sunday is Mother’s Day, consider this your official warning.  Better do something.  After all, she did carry you for 9 months, gave birth, and then spent the next 18 or so years taking care of your every need.  And if your actual mom didn’t do all those things, then someone did.  Find that someone and tell her “Happy Mother’s Day.”