I just got back from a really great meeting with John.  One might even say awe-inspiring…  He helped me get started on some dreams… and was profoundly encouraging.  I’m still kind of whirling from it all, so I’m just going to leave you with a little thing I wrote after a talk with Kelly in Honduras in 2004….

What I enjoy


I like to connect people with the information, resources, scripture, & other people to help them grow spiritually.


I love being able to point someone to scripture, talks, books, or people to help them with a specific question or issue.


In my small group, I’m well known for finding verses related to our conversation.  I’m also known as a “talk junkie.”  I have over 120 talks on tape, CD, DVD & mp3.  I am continuously telling people to listen to a certain talk that I feel is relevant to what they’re going through.  I do the same thing with books – I loan out books all the time!