In the first half-hour since I got off of work:

1.  The Poop Van got hit by a itty bitty car in the Gerbes parkinglot as I was dropping off my recyclables.  Of course the Poop Van resisted the attempt to damage it.  That thing’s made of iron, I tell ya.

2.  My “I Want a Pony” t-shirt came in the mail.  Here’s a hint – it has nothing to do with a four-legged animal (although I like those too).

3.  UPS had left me a note (on the correct door, I may add) that they tried to deliver something for me today.  I signed the back of the note, so hopefully they’ll leave it for me tomorrow.  I’m assuming this is the package containing Andrew’s graduation gift and assorted other items.

And now I’m headed off to Job #2.  Child care at FBCC.  Fun.  That will be followed by an incredibly short trip to Walmart to pick up some photo prints I ordered as well as some frames for them, some gum, and some chapstick.  That’s ALL.  I SWEAR.  I WILL NOT WANDER AROUND WALMART & BUY STUFF!  At least, I’ll try not to…

EDIT:  Well… some cheapo tank tops called my name from the women’s dept.  And I decided that I needed some Boost (mmm protein in a chocolatey form).  But I only spent about $35 total… so it could have been worse.  I’ll just really have to watch my spending on social activities for the rest of the month.  In other words… no more eating out for Stevi!!!  Well, after Mazvita’s birthday at least….