Children and Nature
Johann Christoph Arnold

“Children have an innate sense of wonder. They are clear-eyed and excited by everything they see: a worm in a puddle, a spider on the sidewalk, a family of ducklings in the park, frost patterns on a windowpane.

We adults, on the other hand, tend to miss most of these things. We are more fascinated by the headlines than by a rainbow. Even if we try to take an interest in the world around us, the pace of our lives often prevents us from doing this in more than a superficial way.

In addition, many of us do not live in God’s world at all, but in a sterile environment of concrete and glass, carpeting and plastic, conditioned air, soft lights, and artificial plants.

The same is true for greater and greater numbers of children, especially in large cities. We have become alienated from nature, and alienated from God.”

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