Friday June 3, 2005

What is it about searching the internet that gets me so focused and involved?  And the less information I have to go on, the more fun it seems to be.  I just spent the last hour…. I kid you not… searching for someone I didn’t even know the name of.   And I found him.  HAH!  So there.  But I’ll tell you this… it’s not over.  Kind of like the search for the ever elusive shoes… it’s the search that matters.  If I’d walked into a shoe store and found them, I guess my feet would be happy, but I would have missed out on the adventure, the frustration, the tears… If I ever do find those shoes, it’ll be worth it.  But at least today’s particular search was rewarding.  If nothing else, it just reinforced something I already knew….

Never stop searching…


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