A Quick Peek @ My Childhood

Ever since my little bike incident last weekend, I’ve been thinking of this song I used to listen to as a kid.  All I remembered was that it was called “Gnarly Roadrash” and it was about this kid who was always tearing himself up & all the other kids thought he was SO COOL.  So, being the Google Geek that I am, I went in search of it.  And I found a short clip of it… please… don’t make fun of me…. I was probably 10 years old when this was my favorite song.  I have no idea why it was my favorite song.  Maybe because that was around the time of my most awesome wreck ever, which left me with some pretty gnarly roadrash that was all filled with cinders… oh wouldn’t you love to hear that story?


Gnarly Roadrash
(Lyrics and Music by Bill Wellington, Copyright 1990 BMI)

Well there once was a radical kid.
He was cool at all he did.
He said hey dude and he was really rude
And he did 360’s on his skateboard too.
He wore cool surfer clothes,
He had earrings in his nose
And he talked in jive he gave high fives
And he’s cool wherever he goes.

Oh this awesome dude is Gnarly Roadrash.
He is a real flash. He makes a big splash.
And while on his skateboard he is flying,
All the girls are sighing as they call his name:
“Oh Gnarly Roadrash!”