Huge props have to go out to my brother Miguel.  Yesterday at about 12:30 in the afternoon he was laying in bed listening to music when he heard a crash from the bathroom.  When he knocked on the door to find out what it was, he heard some more crashes and the water running.  But he got no response from inside.  So he got a knife from his room and jimmied the door open to find my other brother, Andrew, convulsing on the floor.  Miguel then called 911, then held Andrew’s head off the floor as he continued convulsing, at the same time he was making phone calls to my parents & wiping blood off Andrew’s face.  My dad called me while he was driving to the hospital & my coworkers sent me home from work, so I drove to St. Louis & was there by 3:30.  At 8:30, we finally left the hospital, Andrew with multiple bruises & scrapes on his head, arms & hands as well as a really chewed up tongue. 

Some of you may remember that Andrew had a massive seizure 2 years ago on July 11, just three days before we were to leave for a mission trip to Mexico.  Well, once again, three days before leaving for Mexico, he did it again.  He apparently had just finished his shower & was brushing his teeth when he went down.  And he managed to hit all kinds of things on his way down, bruising himself up & trashing the bathroom.  But thanks to Miguel’s quick action, his injuries were minimized and he was able to get medical help quickly.

Keep him and my family in your prayers…. he’ll be undergoing a lot of tests to see what brought this on, if it’s something different than last time, or the same thing.  My dad also has to decide if he will go on the trip to Mexico.  He’s the director of the puppet team as well as a van driver, and if he doesn’t go, the puppets will probably not be able to perform.  So it’s a tough decision for him.  Also, Andrew may not be able to drive for 6 months now, which will become difficult in August when he starts business school.

Well… I gotta get going… the work really piled up over the long holiday & I had only started whittling away at it yesterday when I got the phonecall & left for STL.  So, there’s a lot to be done.  Also, if you’d pray for my finances, with this emergency coming up right after a 4-day weekend (which I don’t get paid for), my paycheck this week will be cut in half.  Not good. 

OK, that’s it.  Thanks for your prayers & concern!