Well, Andrew has his appointment with his neurologist today.  When I talked to my mom last night, she said he was feeling all the bumps & bruises a lot more as well as some pulled muscles.  Otherwise he has no adverse effects from the ordeal.  The good news is that the blood came out of his brand new khaki pants (you know, it’s the small things that help at a time like this).  He’ll be having some more tests today… EEG, CAT, PET, MRI…. all those great acronyms.  He’s still hoping to go to Mexico tomorrow… but I have my doubts about whether the doctor will release him so quick.  I haven’t heard yet whether my dad still plans to go to Mexico. 

Andrew took some pictures of his injuries while he was in the ER, and Miguel did a video of the bathroom and a reinactment with a stuffed penguin.  If I can get my hands on those, I may have to create a page on my website…. 

For now, just keep praying that the tests will go well and that they’ll be able to figure out how to prevent more seizures.