Monday July 18, 2005

Recent Pictures:

Kittens!  These adorable girls still need homes. (July 16)

Camping at Lake of the Ozarks (July 15)

City Museum trip (May 22)

Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30)


Worship under the night sky

Monday Nights, 9pm
@ Plaza 900 (common area outside the new dorms on College Ave)
Be there!



Harry Potter #6 was just released this weekend, and since I’m waiting to borrow it from a friend, I’ll waste some time tossing out some questions I’ve been mulling over since the last book…..

1. Where is Ron and Hermione’s relationship going?
2. Just what role will Neville Longbottom play in the resolution of the series?
3. What role will Ginny Weasly play?
4. What secrets are yet to be revealed about Harry’s parents, and other past Hogwarts students?
5. What is the nature of the relationship between Harry and Voldemort?  How will that affect the end of the story?
6. And how do Dumbledore and Snape fit into the whole story?  What’s their back-story & what roles will they play in the future?

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