A summary of the last week:

The difficult situation I wrote about recently has been for the most part resolved.  All involved had to take a moment to look at the points of view of everyone else & then be willing to reach a compromise, even if it was difficult.  We are praying that God will continue to use the situation to strengthen our friendships & that He will bring someone else into an unbeliever’s life who can show her His love, unhindered by baggage.

Jessica moved in & I had to evaluate the montón de trastos (pile of crap) in my spare bedroom.  I have a lot of useless stuff.  But I was able to throw out a LOT of it & I’ll keep whittling away at it & see if I can’t get rid of more.  I still need to get rid of kittens, too.  Jessica might keep one, but that leaves two sweet babies in need of a loving home.  Come on, you know you need something warm & furry to snuggle with!

Kelly & I spontaneously went on a float trip with someone I work with at Watlow.  It was really great.  We inadvertantly took the longest route to get there & it rained the whole way.  But by the time we got to the campground, it had dried up.  Someone was already camping in our reserved site (giving me some flashbacks to the camping trip 2 weeks ago).  But we were given a different site, which turned out to be so much better. 

I managed to figure out the geometry of a weird tent after Kelly & I set up ours in less than 5 minutes.  What can I say?  I seem to have a talent for all things camping-related.  We had a roaring fire, roasted marshmellows & hotdogs & got to know each other.  Then after we all turned in, it started raining.  You know what’s really awesome?  Sleeping in a tent, listening to the rain, but not getting wet!  WooT!

The next morning we got ready to float & started off the day with cool weather & gray skies (no sunburn!).  But as the day went on, the sun peaked out from time to time, giving us plenty of opportunities to swim in the river & then dry off.  There were a few minor incidences involving shallow water, fallen trees & quick currents.  But even the two non-swimmers enjoyed it, and no one was injured beyond a few bruises (trying to get into a canoe in 5ft water is not so easy!). 

We got back to our campsite & took naps, then woke up in time to pack up right as another downpour arrived.  We took a shorter route back to Columbia, but ended up only shaving about 30 minutes off of the trip, mostly due to some horrible traffic on I-70 just west of Kingdom City.

Highlights of the trip:
Salsa doritos & Dr. Pepper
Pink Dragon, the “erotic” beverage (or was that “exotic”?)
James Eric & the mayo finger
Kelly’s new snuggle-buddy, Tai Chi
The detour to find a ski resort
Don’t lose the peanuts!
Tossing peanuts & marshmallows between trucks on the highway
The muddy kids & the guy with the torn trunks
Jenny & the tree branch
Feeding fish

If anyone is ever interested in a Friday night quickie camping trip at Finger Lakes (15 min from Columbia), let me know.