Since last Thursday….
I worked my last day at Watlow.
            My camping trip was cancelled.
            Friday night was fun anyway.
            The first Big Rock took place.
            I watched Carrie rock at DDR.
            A 10-mile bike ride kicked my butt (low blood sugar is not my friend)
            I got razzed by a real skater as I was unsuccessfully attempting to navigate campus on my skateboard.
            The first dance team meeting got me excited and a little nervous.
            The Rock Show was super cool.
            I got a job in Fulton.
            My great-grandpa died (this was expected, and we’re so happy he’s finally at his real home)
            I decided to quit the job in Fulton.

And coming soon….
            First dance practice on Tuesday.
            Driving to STL on Wednesday, where I will drop off my car to get some of it’s quirks worked on.
            Driving with the familia to Jackson, MO for the funeral. 
            Returning to STL on Friday, where I will hopefully pick up my repaired car.
            Hopefully getting back in time for the Pig Roast, where Matt Kronberger will be serving my famous dirt cake (since I’ll be out of town, I gave him the recipe & permission to do it without me).
            Hopefully I will be able to find another job starting next Monday.  Keep that one in your prayers, por favor!

Phew…. why do I feel exhausted already?