Since Last Tuesday…

            I finished my 2 days at Danuser & am now jobless again.

            The first dance practice was just as fun & scary as I thought it would be.

            I drove to St. Louis, dropped off my car at a mechanic, and then went with my family to Jackson, MO.

            Met Jessica’s mom & grandparents.

            My great-grandpa’s funeral was a wonderful celebration of life & family.

            Took over 200 pictures at my great-uncle’s fabulous house in Pocahontas, MO.

            Discovered that my great-aunt’s house is a museum of the 70s.

            “Come get some ham you fat tub of lard!”

            I’ve ridden probably 25 miles on my bike.

            I ate a veggie burger at the Pig Roast & left smelling like citronella.

            Watching The Goonies on the big screen rocked my face off.

            So did Moses winning the imitation competition by belting out “Rocky Road!” while eating said substance.

            I missed my best friend from high school’s college graduation party (I think my brain was on overload by then).

            I enjoyed the second dance practice more than the first.  I think lyrical is more my thing than hip-hop.

            I made some wicked salsa for myself for a change.

            I’m in the process of revamping my resume & collecting ideas of places to send it.


Coming up…

            I have no idea!  I’m just trying to keep up with one day at a time!