Tonight, I realized just how different Christian women can be from other women. 

Kelly and I were downtown during Twilight Festival & we managed to avoid flyers from various political groups or companies or whatever.  But some young guys were handing out flyers for a new church in town and we both took some, even though we have our own church to which we are hopelessly devoted.  Why?  Because, as Kelly said “I can’t pass up a cute guy handing out the word of God.” 

Later, we were discussing what attracts us to certain guys, and we both agreed that hearing a guy pray melts our hearts.  Even if there’s not much else that we find endearing, a guy who prays sincerely & pours his heart out to God is going to catch our attention. 

Other women may seek guys who can provide for them financially, but I think many Christian women will agree that that comes second to a guy who can be the spiritual leader of the relationship & has a burning passion for Jesus.  Dedicated Christian guys are HOTT!