After work today, I was up for a little excercise and adventure.  So I suggested a bike ride to Aaron, and of course he pounced on the opportunity to go riding with me on my hott new bike.  Little did we know what kind of adventure we were in for…

Instead of the usual jaunt down the MKT, we decided to go for a little off-roading at Rockbridge.  My former bike (which weighed 40 lbs and handled like a wild bull), would have probably killed me if I had tried to take it off-road.  It tried to kill me once on the Katy Trail.  But my new bike, Clementine, is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. 

So, Aaron and I were tearing up the trails at Rockbridge, enjoying the mostly pleasant weather (it was a little humid).  The trails were dry, but some of the rocks were wet (maybe condensation?).   My skills aren’t quite up to Aaron’s level, but he coaches me through tough spots & gives me loads of advice, whether I ask for it or not

Aaron was trucking up a pretty big hill, with me straggling behind, trying to remember to shift gears.  Then suddenly this huge bear came out from nowhere and started chasing Aaron.  Aaron turned and was pedaling like a madman trying to evade the bear, but the rocks were all slick & he was really struggling.  So I chased after the bear, jumped off my bike, and tried to dissuade the bear from continuing pursuit.  (This was in the form of beating at it with a stick).  The bear got in a few lucky hits, but eventually decided that chasing down a maniac on a bike was not worth being beat by a crazy girl with a stick. 

After the bear wandered off (vowing to never tangle with mountain bikers again, I’m sure), we still had to ride 20 minutes back to the car.  My hands & elbows were bleeding, and I had bruises in more places than I remembered being hit.  But Aaron was unscathed.  Well, no, he was pretty shook up.  He hates seeing me get hurt.  He may have winced more than I did while we were doctoring my wounds.  Most of them are pretty superficial, but very raw.  A few are still pretty oozy, especially my left palm.

So… next time you see me, ask to see my bear injuries.  What?  You don’t beleive me????