A Recap of October – Part 1


It’s been over a month since my last real xanga entry.  And it’s been a crazy month too.  If you read Evil Conservative’s xanga, you’ll know some of what is going on.  But since all of that was from his point of view, I’ll try to give a summary of my part in the story along with a few things going on in my life in addition to the “Aaron stuff.’


On October 13, Aaron called me at 6am as usual to wake me up.  We chatted briefly as he got in his car & I got out of bed.  I was still sitting on my bed contemplating whether to feed my cats before or after showering, when my phone rang again.  It was Aaron’s ringtone, when I picked it up, I heard his voice, panicked and tearful… “Baby, I need help… I ran into a pile of gravel… I’m bleeding… I called 911, but they didn’t answer… can you call them for me?”  This is a paraphrase, I don’t remember exactly what he said, but I managed to get a lot of information in that brief conversation.  And as he was talking, I was pulling on my shoes (with no socks) and my hoodie (I was still in my pajamas). 


As I walked to my car, I was dialing 911 with shaking fingers.  The phone kept ringing with no answer, so I redialed a few times and then finally just let it ring and ring until someone answered.  I gave them all the information I’d gotten from Aaron:  he was near or on the bridge on Broadway between 63 & Old 63, he was hurt, he was alone, he needed help.  The dispatcher told me she had him on the phone and had already sent an ambulance.  As I turned from Old 63 to Broadway, I saw flashing lights already there & more on the way.


I parked in the parking lot right next to the creek & walked up to the edge of the eastbound lane (since all of Broadway was now blocked off).  I could see Aaron sitting in his car with his feet out, talking to a police officer.  When the cop took him over to by the ambulance to talk to a paramedic, I flagged down another officer and told him I was Aaron’s girlfriend.  I didn’t want them whisking him off to the hospital without me knowing where he was going.


The officer was really great.  He got me to my Aaron, and I was grateful not to be ignored or pushed aside.  All I wanted was to hold Aaron & tell him I loved him.  I hadn’t gotten to tell him that on the phone.  But I restrained myself so he & the professionals could take care of business.


He looked terrible, by the way… he was covered with blood and I couldn’t tell where it was all coming from.  It turned out that it was all from his broken nose.  But at the time, it was all over his face & hands and was dripping onto his shoes.  He looked so miserable and lost… I doubt anyone can picture Aaron looking like that, he’s usually in complete control of himself.  But he wasn’t at that moment.


After getting checked out in the ambulance (they let me go in with him!) Aaron decided he’d rather ride with me to the hospital.  We got into the ER right away & I gave the receptionist all his info while he had some face time with a medical professional of some kind.  Then I went on back and stayed with him except when he had his x-rays and when I went out to call my work & his work & to use the bathroom.


I couldn’t do much except hold his hand and let him squeeze my hand while his arm was bandaged.  I tried joking a bit to lighten the mood, but it didn’t go over too well.  Mostly he seemed glad that I was there.  He seemed somewhat surprised, though I’m not sure why.  Up to that point, we’d been kind of cautious in our expressions of affection… the “L Word” had only been introduced about a month before.  But though I didn’t say it often, I loved him & nothing would have kept me from being with him that morning.  I’m not sure I even knew how much I loved him until then (I’m pretty good at suppressing that kind of thing).  But hearing his panicked voice on the phone that morning had plowed through any walls I’d been holding up to protect my heart.


When they turned him loose from the hospital, I took him home & got him settled before going to my place to put on real clothes and let my roommate know what was going on.  I realized pretty quickly that Aaron was going to need a lot of help, so I decided right away that I would stay with him. On one hand, this was an easy decision.  He couldn’t even open his own medicine bottles.  He needed me.  But another voice popped up in my head saying “What will people think?”  But I knew that being there for Aaron was the right thing to do, for his emotional well-being as well as – or maybe even more than – his physical well-being.  So over the next few days I moved everything I needed over to his apartment & told him I’d be there for as long as  he needed me.


The three weeks I spent staying with Aaron were incredible.  Our relationship deepened and matured more than I could have ever imagined.  Now… let me address the suspicions that I know are unfortunately building in some readers’ minds… there was no sex.  As a matter of fact, we are still saving our first kiss for our wedding day (whenever that may be).  And as incredible as it may seem, I think we both have come to view physical expressions of affection in a whole new light.  Little things mean so much more and we feel so much freer and happier inside our boundaries.


Part of that may have to do with the fact that we both now see our dating relationship as a temporary arrangement that will eventually be absorbed into something permanent and sacred.


That’s all for this installment…


To Be Continued…