A few weeks ago, Aaron & I took a road trip to St. Louis to take some stuff to my family & see some sights.  We visited the Confluence, where the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers flow together (hence “con” meaning “together” and “fluence” meaning “flowing”).  It was super windy & the sky was all overcast, but it was very cool.  You could definitely feel the power of the rivers while standing in the little strip of land between them.  Then we drove downtown to see the Arch, since Aaron had never been up close to it.  We went to the museum underneath (just as boring as I remembered it from elementary school).  And we took a BUNCH of pictures.  We also made a stop in the town where I grew up, Ferguson, MO.  Aaron was excited to see his name everywhere (especially since the people of Ferguson are quite self-absorbed and put the name on everything!).  I wanted to take his picture next to one of the nice Ferguson signs, but he wasn’t into that.  Maybe next time.