I talked with John last night about Honduras & I’m very excited.   John’s going to coach me through the whole leading thing, which is good.  And I’m already getting emails from Carlos (at GCM HQ) about projects.  So far the two projects I know about are building a home for critically malnourished children in Limon/Choluteca and building a youth tech school in Camalote.  We’re going to let Carlos assign us to a project, since he knows what they need & what we are capable of.  No reason for us to be picky… we just want to go & do what we can, right?

We’re going to advertise at Axis & the Rock this week & have an info meeting for anyone even slightly interested at 8:30pm on Monday at the Drage house.  So recruit, recruit, recruit!  We already have a list of 7 people who are interested that have never been on a Rock Latin America trip before.  Hurray, new blood!   I’ve also heard from some previous Honduras-trippers who are planning to go.  With a good mix of experience and newbies, I think this could be the best trip ever!

Who wants to go???