Ugh… moving is not fun.  Especially since I have too much stuff. 

I’ve thrown out probably 7 or 8 large boxes full of stuff I didn’t need.  I’ve got a large box ready to go to the Salvation Army.  And I have a huge amount of stuff posted on the Rock Forum to give away.  I’m slowly whittling away at my mound of worldly possessions.  I hope to whittle away even more by the time I move again in May.  

I’m just so sick of “stuff” and its hold on me.  It’s not so much that I desire stuff, it’s more like I’m afraid that if I get rid of stuff, I will one day need it and be unable to replace it. 

I just need to trust that God will provide…. either in the sense that He will enable me to replace it, or that He will make me content without it. 

If you want any of my stuff, or would like to help me pack, move, unpack, or clean, please let me know.  The moving of furniture will take place this weekend.