Day in the Life

Utility Drama

I tried to go online to start canceling my utilities…. but so far no success.  The City has a whole form you can fill out, but when you hit the “submit” button it says you need to enter the account number…. but there’s no space on the form asking for it!   I guess I’ll try to make phone calls tomorrow.  I pay these people online, why can’t I cancel my service online too??????


4 thoughts on “Utility Drama”

  1. OH good luck with that one, I tried to do that from Colorado last summer. no such luck, city of CoMo sucks… you have to call to do it unfortunately… soon it will all be over and you’ll be in your new cute house!

  2. Since when has the government done anything right?  I tried to pay my personal property taxes online as well, but the system they had set up was impossible to use and also asked for info that wasn’t written anywhere on my tax papers.

  3. Erica is no more, alas. But there is this older gentleman named Norm. He always says “Good morning, my princess” or “How are you doing, beautiful?” to me. He makes me smile.

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