In relation to the story I posted from 1 Samuel, and the hymn I posted, I also have an excerpt from Beth Moore talk.  I’ve posted it before, but I need reminding of it on a regular basis, so I’m sharing it again.

“I cycled in and out of defeat, thinking to myself, ‘Is  there any real victory in Christ?’  And two things became life to me; ‘Lord, I want to love You and I want to know You through Your Word.’  Those became the chief desires of my life – to this very day.

But here was the fact: I had been addicted to my foriegn god – to my sin.  What do we do about that?  Some of us can’t picture that we could commit to Him today, and that we could still be walking this thing in five years, in one year, or even one week.

I’m going to tell you how this works… one day at a time.  Living on His sustaining power, having no confidence in the flesh.  Just getting up again today and He says, ‘Child, I’m not asking you if you think you can live without this foreign god for the next five years.  I’m simply asking, could you do without it till noon?’  ‘Yeah, I suppose I could.’

And then noon comes and we call upon an overflow of that sustaining power.  ‘Could you live on me till supper?’  ‘Yes.’  Then we get into bed at night and it’s black and it’s dark and He says, ‘Can you live on me till morning?’  And one day at a time… you don’t have to worry about five years form now.  Can you make it on Jesus today?  Just one day?

And you live for the rest of your life on one day.  And suddenly you look up, and it’s been awhile since you’ve been in a pit.  And you hold up your ‘ebenezer stone’ and say ‘Thus far the Lord has helped me!'”