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Engagement Story

So… I guess you all want to hear the story.  If I’ve already told on the phone, or in person, I probably told it badly.  So here’s the official press release:

Yesterday after work, Aaron suggested we go have dinner on The Vent.  Most people aren’t familiar with The Vent, so I’ll explain…

On Lowry Mall, near the Library is a grassy area with a large metal sculpture and one of the steam vents.  It blows warm air year round, making it a cozy place for a cold-weather picnic.  Aaron used to eat pizza there with his skateboard buddies, and has always wanted to do the same with me.  But we never got around to it this winter.

So, when he suggested it last night, I was excited.  He’d also recently finished a new skateboard for me, and I wanted to break it in.  There’s no better place for that than Lowry Mall.  So that’s where we went. 

We skated for awhile.  I was gaining a bit more confidence, comfort, and speed, with a lot of encouragement from Aaron.  He was getting his own confidence back, but having been pretty inactive all winter, we got tired & hungry as the sun went down.

So we walked down to Dominos to order a little pizza.  Then we walked around downtown until it was ready.  We took it back to The Vent, which was now pleasantly warm as the temperature outside dropped.  We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza, and when we finished it, I figured Aaron would be ready to move on to another activity.

Instead, he said he wanted to stay and enjoy the weather.  We laid back on The Vent and watched the few stars start to peek out from the clouds.  Jesse Hall lit up brightly, and we sat facing it, with Aaron’s arms around me.

Then he said he’d been waiting to ask me for two months.  He’d been waiting until he could find the perfect ring.  But he’d come to the conclusion that the ring was just a material object that ultimately shouldn’t determine when or how he asked me.  The focus shouldn’t be the ring, it should be our relationship and the fact that he wanted to be with me forever.  Even at that point, I thought we were just having a philosophical discussion.  And then he leaned over my shoulder and said “Will you marry me?”

I was stunned and completely speechless.  I didn’t expect him to ask that very minute!  But I got my wits together and said “Of course I will.”

We sat there for a long time, staring into each others eyes, giggling, almost crying.  Then we decided we wanted to commemorate the event.  So Aaron ran back to his car & came back with a Sharpie and his camera.  We wrote our initials and the date on The Vent, and took one of our traditional “shoe picture”s.

There wasn’t much question as to how we’d announce our happy plans… we are unashamed geeks, and we know all our friends are internet junkies as well.  SO… thanks so much for your excited comments.  We’ll keep you all in the loop as our plans come together.

And if you’re still wondering about the ring, we went to a jeweler today, a great Christian guy who designs and handmakes all kinds of cool things.  He picked our brains to figure out what we wanted (even though we didn’t reall know) and will prepare some drawings this week.

We both feel so happy and content having this milestone completed sucessfully.  It was really as perfect as I could have imagined.  So true to Aaron, and me, and who we are together.  Rest assured, the wedding will be quite as unique and us.


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